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Are you loving Vinyl? 

In a try we show you the effect of our cleaning fluid and the comparing between a dirty and a clean Vinyl record. 

If you look zoomed at a very dirty record groove it looks so:   
The little impurities don't let out the real sound of the vinyl record and on the worst case they make a clicking / sizzling noise!

Here you can see the dirty groove of a vinyl record (left) and a groove of a vinyl record cleaned with a Hannl vinyl cleaning machine (with the recommended Hannl cleaning fluid) (right):

Sure you can see the difference.

This vinyl was cleaned intensive but gentle. 
If you play this vinyl you don't hear a clicking / sizzling noise and can enjoy clear music.  
Viele Hersteller reinigen bieten Reinigungsprodukte die Alkohol enthalten. 
Much producer work with cleaning fluid which contains alcohol. 
To begin may it works good but alcohol damage on long time your vinyl record until your record don't work anymore in future.

We have let develop a cleaning fluid for much money without alcohol and this we have tested succesfull on vinyl. 
The result is breathtaking, no alcohol and a custom-made cleaning fluid, so you can safe your treasures for eternalness!

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