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Here you can find our History

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From begin of 1990 we are active in the cleaning industry. After we get to know Mr. Bierbaumer of Blue Danube from Austria we build record cleaning machines. From begin we have develop and refine the wooden furniture until the actual stand. On begin the machines have the logo of "Blue Danube" and only Mr. Bierbaumer sold them. A later time the machines have our logo "Hannl Vinylcare" and we have sell the machines. 

In the past I was a automobile mechanic and have a long time sold and repaired "Kärcher" cleaning machines. This know how what I have took with this machine benefit me to the development of our machines. 

Our place of residence is exactly in the city triangle of Solingen, Wuppertal and Remscheid.

This citys are very famous, Solingen for example with it knifes, Remschreid and Wuppertal because of the much trade and industry. Much designated builder of tools are in Remscheid.

The result of years of work are the actual Micro, Limited, Mera and Aragon which are very famous in test reports. Not only we have made the develop. Our customers which works with the legendary "Waschbär" have send us much improvements and we have try to materialise it. Much things are successfull. Additional to the "Flüsterbär" we have develop the "Micro" a little compact and cheap machine. Furthermore there comes the "Mera" and the "Aragon" on the market. 

The existing machines would be developed more and became a complete new electric. The array of products is from begin 2007 limited on 4 products, "Limited (without electronic)- Micro EL - Mera EL and Aragon EL whereat all machiens from now on was build out of acrylic. Because of the high quality standard and the reliable of our machines we are now placed high on the world marked and our machines become every day more customers.

The Aragon is now totally revised and our new flagship which is in front of our product array. The new electronic modulate the various speed of the turntable and the turbine and take care of a gentle and quiet working. The vacuum arm and the brusharm are from begin of 2007 separately grounded so that there can no static loading come on your vinyl. 

On begin 2008 we have a beginer machine in our program, the "Micro Edition". On this machine we have limited us on the essential but it is builded of the same high quality parts how the rest of the machiens. 

We have every time worked on new ideas and inprovments until we have developed the roundbrush for our machines. It is the worldwide effective cleaning possibility for vinyl. In Japan one machine of us with the roundbrush was tested against a ultrasound machien and there we have won a award. Ultrasound is the best cleaning but on vinyl you can run it only very low because otherwise the vinyl get damaged. We think nobody shall belive what stands on a paper. 

Award we have won in Japan


In the last years we have set our "Limited, Mera and the Aragon" on 24V DC. So we can offer our machines in every country it don't matter if you have 110V or 230V. No suction surface is so quiet how our machines. 

Our machines would tested by the TÜV Rheinland and CE cerfiticated. We don't have let something to the hazard, exactly how our cleaning fluid, this is also developed by an chemistry compalny specially for vinyl. It is easy to copy our cleaning fluid how other things of our machines which we have removed on our machines because it doesn't proofe for a long time. 

Some developments of us you can find on machines of our competitor. We are the only producer who not only groundes the middlethron (It takes no effect to deviate static, because static goes always to the outside) but also the complete vacuum arm. We use not oxidising steel VA and high quality aluminium because some parts come in contact with our cleaning fluid and this hold much years. Our years of experience told us that some parts are better plastic laminated as chromed. Something of the kind you notice after years how the automatic cleaning dripping we had build ahead years. This only works the time the machine is as good as new. A automatic is only limited a plus. On our machines you can intervention every time in the automatic mode manually. So not the machine diagnose when your vinyl is clean. 

We use only high quality parts and everything was build in the near neighbourhood still in Germany. So we support the local economy and no poor people or children in third world must build our machines for pittance. 

Sometimer it is better to mind how cheap prices comes off if everything must be handmade. 


In this meaning,


Hans Günter Hannl

Hans Günter Hannl

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